About Founder

Myself Paras Aneja.

I’m a Fashion designer and Illustrator. I create Graphic art to convey stories, ideas, designs and visions.

My only job is to create intricate handcrafted digital artwork and teach how to do digital fashion illustrations that can add spark to your portfolios and illustrations which can lend to some paid projects.

Whether it is handmade or digital art, brand illustrations, unique and eye-catching artwork for your wedding stationery, or customized outfits. I’ll be happy to create one for you!

Our Goal

My goal is to inspire, teach and empower students to work hard on their skills because no degree matters when you are skilled enough for the role. I want to teach my style of Digital Fashion illustrations as much as I can. Also, I want to bring more focus to the digital artwork which will bring more job opportunities and freelance work. As in India, we are lacking behind in understanding the importance of digital fashion illustrations. I want to launch my label to the industry which will convey my design language.

My Journey

I started my journey 3 years back, and struggled a lot in doing hand illustrations because I was from a commerce background. Then, I shifted my focus to digital illustrations, made my digital portfolio and mastered digital illustrations.

Actually, I am an outsider, I don’t know anyone from the industry. So it was very clear from day 1 that I have to create my own path, my signature, and my own illustration/design language which should resonate with people as an illustrator artist. I struggled a lot in learning digital illustrations so I come up with a digital fashion illustration course one year back in order to add some value to your portfolios and illustrations.

I thank all students and clients who trusted Parasaneja Illustrations for learning and customised illustrations.

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